GDA Capital and Mallconomy Announce New Global Strategic Partnership

GDA Capital will assist with the development and implementation of the Mallconomy Metaverse platform

Toronto, Canada, Sept. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  GDA Capital, a vertically integrated financial services company and a recognized leader in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized projects spaces, has announced a global strategic partnership with Mallconomy. GDA Capital will take on a lead advisory and strategic partner role, which will allow Mallconomy to capitalize on GDA Capital’s extensive blockchain experience. The partnership will help the team at Mallconomy to focus on building its much-hyped Metaverse shopping mall and create a new, fun way for customers to reach the brands they love in the Metaverse.

GDA Capital and Mallconomy Announce New Global Strategic Partnership

By partnering with Mallconomy, GDA Capital will help create the first of its kind Metaverse platform to target a time-rich, global mobile consumer market in this way.

“We are thrilled to help launch this promising metaverse initiative alongside Mallconomy and are committed to the long-term success of this partnership. We believe that the future of shopping is the Metaverse and are looking forward to continuing expanding this revolutionary domain,” said Michael Gord, co-founder and CEO, GDA Capital.

“We’re incredibly excited to announce this amazing new partnership with our colleagues at GDA Capital, one of the leading names in blockchain and Metaverse markets. Using a combination of their track record of building strategic partnerships and the talented team at Mallconomy, we believe that this is the next vital stepping stone towards ongoing success for our community and our investors,” said Zack Yurtsever, co-founder and CEO of Mallconomy.

GDA Capital will offer its expertise in supporting the team at Mallconomy by forming strategic relationships with various Metaverse platforms and other key stakeholders. With a multitude of successful commitments to building the Metaverse and blockchain companies, such as Meta (formerly Facebook) and, Mallconomy believes that GDA Capital is the right partner to take their ambitious roadmap into the future.

About GDA Capital

GDA Capital performs advisory services for digital asset companies, including go-to-market strategies, partnerships PR, community, tokenomics development. GDA Capital’s team has vast experience taking brand new technologies to market, as well as helping existing companies accelerate their growth. For more information, please visit

About Mallconomy

Launched in 2022, Mallconomy is on a mission to build the Metaverse’s most fun shopping mall. With an ambitious roadmap covering a training academy for the Metaverse, a dedicated Metaverse recruitment portal and a focus on white glove brand onboarding, to make it easy for small and large brands to join the Metaverse with limited initial investment, Mallconomy is ready to build the standard in Metaverse e-commerce platforms. As a key player in the newly established Metaverse Standards Forum, Mallconomy believes in working together with our partners in the Web3 development community to ensure a globally connected Metaverse, fit for purpose to serve the needs of the many. For more information, please visit

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